2019 Prescott Hamfest Presentations

Below are links to Hamfest presentations shared by the authors.  Check back from time to time as we add more.

“With the Advent of the FirstNet broadband public safety nationwide network, is there still a need for amateur radio?” – by Andrew Seybold W6AMS

“Introduction to APRS and Public Service Event Applications” – by Rob Redford KG7LMI

“WSPRLite for Measuring HF Antenna Performance” – by Bill Mader K8TE

“Computers in the HF Shack” – by Bill Mader K8TE

High Places in Ham Radio – Summits on the Airby Scott Hanley WA9STI

End Fed HF Antennas – by Mike Mladejovsky WA7ARK

End Fed HF Antennas – GIF File – by Mike Mladejovsky WA7ARK

AREDN Mesh by Oliver Dully K6OLI and Tran Huynh K6NHI

Ham Radio – Getting Startedby Don Bauer WB7TPH

WSPRLite by Bill Mader K8TE